New Miui Does Not Retain Certain Settings After Reboot


May 26, 2017
Hi y'all,

a bug which drives me crazy as it severely limits the functionality of the device:

Bug description:
Settings get reset to default (off) after reboot

Steps to reproduce
Turn on the "accessibility" for an app and restart the device.
Once restarted, all apps which had Accessibility turned on will show as "off". When opening the per-app setting, the switch still is labelled as on (but the device does not have this on)
To really turn on the Accessibility again, one has to turn it off and back on (for every app)

Affected software (confirmed):
Original factory rom stable
Join by joaoapps
Nova Launcher

unsuccessful attempts to resolving:
  • security > battery > app battery saver > Lastpass > no restrictions > allow background location
  • security > permissions > autostart > Lastpass (turned on)
  • security > permissions > permissions >
    • start in background
    • display pop-up window
  • developer options > Turn on MIUI optimization (turned off)