MIUI doesn't obey spn-conf.xml


Oct 31, 2011
I try to add my virtual provider to the spn-conf.xml file, so I can tell the phone I'm NOT roaming in my home country.

but MIUI ignores it.. but only the fake_home_on part. If I add an other SPN name, I see it in MIUI, so it DOES uses the spn-conf.xml

So, whats wrong with the fake_home_on option in MIUI?
any developers here? Care to add a national roaming option like CM7, or at least something so it does follow the whole spn-conf.xml file?
May 1, 2011
MIUI is developed by Xiaomi and is for the most part closed source (except for the parts that need to be open license wise). I'm afraid there's no easy way for you or any of us to get a bug submitted to them.

I'll try and get someone to look at it but until then I'm sorry to say you'll have to use a ROM that actually has support for the feature you need.