MIUI EU for K60 review


Aug 26, 2019
Hi guys. I'm writing this post for anyone who is thinking of installing MIUI EU for K60 or getting a K60.

The main reason for getting a K60 is because when there's an offer, parallel imports can get you a great deal. Where I'm from, I wasn't even taxed. I got mine for USD299, shipping included. The official Poco F5 Pro would have set me USD463.

If you have a K60, it's definitely going to come in one of two flavours:

1. Stock China ROM
2. MIUI EU pre-installed

MIUI EU does not fix the 5G problem

There is no GLOBAL rom for K60. The closest you will get is Poco F5 Pro, which is NOT supported by MIUI EU. Poco F5 Pro should be slightly different for each country, depending on your respective 5G network bands.

So if you are in a country where the 5G bands are not the same as China, then most likely you are out of luck, like me. Not that it bothers me.

Ambient mode for Google Assistant doesn't work

Ambient mode is an excellent Pixel feature that appeared in some Xiaomi phones. Although the MIUI EU sort of identifies the K60 as a "Pixel 2", Ambient mode does not appear as an option in Google -> Settings -> Google Assistant.

To be continued...
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Thank you for your first feedback.

I will receive my Redmi K60 next week and I'm planning to flash Xiaomi.eu rom after unlocking bootloader :)
1. Stock China ROM
2. MIUI EU pre-installed
it's one or the other
MIUI EU does not fix the 5G problem
This is not a problem but an HW configuration.
Ambient mode for Google Assistant doesn't work
There is no GLOBAL rom for K60,you have the answer.
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There is no internet connection after flashing EU on k60. What is going on? SIM card can be read but there is no internet connection.
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Hi and greetings to everyone !
I plan to buy a Redmi K60 with Chinese Firmware and then install Xiaomi.eu.
I'm intrested if that ROM has the ability to record calls , because according to the EU regulation , it seems that recording is "forbidden" and disabled on all devices.
Is there any owner of this phone that could provide this information ?
I just want to say that because type of my job, this function is very important to me.
I read on the net that 3-side apps don't work as they should.

Thanks in advance for your help !
Yes, xiaomi.eu ROM has auto call recording option. No matter where you are.
However, this device does not support the B20 LTE band.
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