MIUI for Acer Iconia Smart (S300) - data / apn issue

Sep 13, 2012
Hi all,

I have found a MIUI rom on a Russian site for the Acer Iconia Smart (S300). This rom is 99% perfect, but the 1% for it not working renders it to be unusable. As far as I can see, certain SIM cards seem to cause a problem for the rom, which causes data not to work.

When adding new APN, it just doesn't add it, the screen stays blank.

I've tried adding new APN lists, restoring with APN restore apps, and searched and searched, but couldn't find anything other than a forum thread @ Modaco, which tells me it may have to do with usim or 64k sims.

So... two questions:

1. Any thought what is causing this?
2. Do we have a guide how to build a new rom, like that one, for a GB device (not ICS)?