MIUI+ for Mi Pad 6 global rom


Jun 1, 2022
Recently, I acquired the new Mi Pad 6 from the Mi Store in Portugal, EU, and it is running MIUI Global ROM.

I also have a POCO X5 PRO with Xiaomi.eu ROM. On my POCO, I have Mi Smart Hub working and MIUI+ on my laptop, but it isn't available on my pad. What can I do? Is there any MIUI+ app that works on Xiaomi Global ROM? Is there a Xiaomi.eu ROM for Mi Pad 6 with these features enabled?

Thanks in advance.
I have the same problem. I bought a tablet mi pad 6 With global firmware. I use the phone myself Poco f3 with firmware weekly xiaomi.eu. Tablet via Miui+ Connects to PC. Phone via Miui+ also connects to PC. But they don’t see each other and can’t connect. And the problem here is not in the tablet, but in the firmware for the phone and I think that the team Xiaomi.eu You should pay attention to this, because the same Poco f3 still has updates, although not weekly.