1. Z

    Poco F6 (solved)

    Does the Redmi Turbo 3 rom support Poco F6? EDIT: the last time I checked Poco F6 wasn't there
  2. AsadP

    [SOLVED] Poco F6 Pro

    UPDATE: Vermeer ROM based on the K70 works completely fine on the F6 Pro and the Devs have modified 1.0.16 to say F6 Pro in the settings. I noticed 1.0.15 said K70, so they were aware of this. Great work as always to the Devs! Any questions regarding usage, let me know and I'll be happy to...
  3. AsadP

    [Hyper OS / Poco F5] Eufy Security No Longer Working?

    I've updated to HyperOS from MIUI 14 on my POCO F5, with no issues found until now with just one app that I've tried to logcat. Eufy Security opens, but just has a blank page and nothing else happens, I've enabled ALL permissions in Settings for it. The app is Eufy Security for doorbell...
  4. F

    MIUI+ for Mi Pad 6 global rom

    Recently, I acquired the new Mi Pad 6 from the Mi Store in Portugal, EU, and it is running MIUI Global ROM. I also have a POCO X5 PRO with Xiaomi.eu ROM. On my POCO, I have Mi Smart Hub working and MIUI+ on my laptop, but it isn't available on my pad. What can I do? Is there any MIUI+ app that...
  5. apokorwnas

    Poco X3 NFC Gpay NFC device security problem

    Device: Poco X3 NFC MIUI: v14.0.2.0.SJGMIXM Stable Security update : 2023-06-01 Last working Gpay day was 23/08/2023 without any issue. Yesterday got an error message when i try to use it saying that: the phone does not meet the security requirements Can somebody help me to fix this, if there...
  6. D

    Phone died?Poco F3

    Phone Global 6/128 has been in use for almost 2 years! Yesterday it just rebooted and that's it! How can I fix this? Photo attached
  7. N

    New Game Turbo GPU

    hi, the quality management tab of games in game turbo has disappeared after both updates to 14 MIUI. what is the reason for this? how do I turn it on?
  8. B

    Time to replace my F2 pro

    Hey Folks, My Poco F2 pro is nearing retirement. It's been used quite heavily and has earned it's rest. That leaves me on the hunt for a new phone. The ever expanding Xiaomi product lines have left me foundering with choice overload. I am hoping that the good people here on the forum for the...
  9. S

    Poco X3 Pro keeps restarting

    After charging up my Poco X3 Pro phone to almost 100%, i pulled out the cable and everything froze. After a few seconds, it rebooted and has been rebooting ever since. It manages to boot into the OS, but freezes immediately and then reboots again. Recovery, fastboot work fine. I've done a hard...
  10. Z

    Rollback/Downgrade POCO M3

    Hi, I want to roll back my Poco M3 from 21.7.21 to 21.4.14. How can this be done so as not to break the device? Reason: bugs, lags (hard-freeze), animations bugs, camera bugs etc.
  11. Burretploof

    Poco M3 unreliable texting and calls / slow to receive texts and calls

    Hey everyone, I got a new Poco M3 recently and while almost everything works, I do have some issues with calls and texts. Texts (2FA for example) often only arrive after multiple attempts, I have to keep hitting "send again" buttons until I maybe receive one (!) of those texts. Similar things...
  12. P

    Invalid Pocophone Users

    Can we Pocophone users get back our beloved POCO Launcher with working gestures please? Also, in the latest versions I cannot search my apps with the bottom google bar anymore, and it's very frustrating.
  13. Ian Moone

    [Poco X3 NFC] Bluetooth Animation

    Hi I don't know if this was posted before, but I didn't find anything. I updated my Poco X3 NFC to the 12.0.6 EU version, and when connecting my air Bluetooth earphones the connection animation takes a long time to show up or does not show up at all. Do you know if there is a solution for this...
  14. E

    Will Stable ROM work on Poco X3 NFC?

    The Poco X3 is not in the list for the Stable ROM and I want to make sure it works before I install it.
  15. A

    Poco X3/ Issues/ North Macedonia

    #1 Hello. I bought a phone 3 days ago and returned it the next day because it had issues with the touch screen. When I would swipe sideways the phone sometimes would not complete the whole action of swiping and it will return you to the previous page. I just got contacted from Mi Store...
  16. A

    request for 12.0.9 on poco f2 pro/k30pro

    okay ,i would understand if the answer is negative,but all current builds for poco f2 pro/k30pro are bad,like really bad. a11 build isn't ready at all,and 12.0.8 is terrible in terms of battery. 12.0.9 is known to have a terrific battery life and is good in general. until we get some decent a11...
  17. mofeedooz

    stuck on boot logo after installation

    i have a poco f1 and i downloaded the miui 11 update file and i dirty flashed it in the recovery and ended up stuck at the logo i waited for a full 1 hour waiting for it to work but it doesnt ?? what did i do wrong ? how do you update your phone ?
  18. mofeedooz

    POCO OTA updates bug ?

    i have received an update but cant really download it from the settings i can only download the latest update from the site and flash via the recovery but that will just wipe my data right ? is there a way to update without losing anything ? just like the stock unrooted rom ?
  19. I

    New WIFI ISSUE ON 9.5.25 when clean flashed on POCO

    I was on AOSP( AOSP Extnded ROM) latest with vendor 9.4.25. I clean flashed MIUI BETA EU 9.4.25 (wiped dalvik, data, system, internal and cache). Then after setup and everything, i faced this issue where when i turn off wifi and then turn it back on, it doesnt turn on at all and sometimes...
  20. J

    New Calls incoming on Pocophone

    Hi, When my device is unlocked and when I'm receiving a call, the screen appears like in the first picture (notice the left upside corner timer) instead of the fullscreen mode (2nd picture). It only goes to full screen mode when I tap the little timer. Anyone else with the same problem? I'm...