MIUI Gallery App doesn't show location for pictures from other phones. How to solve this?


Dec 15, 2018
Hello, how are you?
I have a Mi 8 and am on MIUI 10 with android 9.
The issue is this:
If I go to the gallery app and select a picture taken with the Mi8, on the top of the screen, It shows the date the picture was taken.
Then underneath it shows the time the picture was taken and next to it the location.

If I copy a picture taken with another phone to the DCIM\Camera folder, and then select that picture on the gallery app, it shows the date taken and time, but not the location.

But if I press the 3 dots on the bottom right of the screen and then select details, next to lcotion it shows the correct location written in red.

If I go to the picture taken with the Mi8 and go to the details, it is exactly the same, with the location written in red.

So if both files have the correct location information, why isn't the location displayed on the gallery for the files taken with another phone?
Any setting I need to change?

I went menu digging but couldn't find anything to resolve this.

Thank you.
Best regards