Xiaomi MIUI Home (Launcher) now NATIVE for all ICS devices!

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Doesn't work on stock gb rom (2.3.5) HDC A9100 MTK6573 armv6 @650 MHz(sgs2 clone) error message something to do with parse!
This is awesome thank you! is there any launcher preferences you can change and how do you get to those settings?
Performed ok on my One X, but didn't change the stock icons from sense such as phone and contacts. Lockscreen kept showing me the two latest sms every time I unlocked, even though they where read. Chinese letters in day/date.

Launcher a little bit sluggish.

A little bit of polish and it'll be great :)

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This is really awesome thank you!

Working fine with all my downloaded GB MIUI themes on SGS2

My MIUI folder on SD card is not wasted now, I was about to delete....thank god i didnt..
They should make MIBrowser so we can get the orange themed browser with orange quick controls for ICS non-MIUI roms!
Here's some screen shots from my i727 Skyrocket running SKY ICS rom with MIUI launcher stock theme:

Some themes don't seem to change some of the basic icons like my phone icon seems to almost always stay the same
It is a bit laggy on HTC One X with sense 4.0. Is there some hotfix for this problem?

Great work anyway :)
Amazing this works so smooth in my Motorola Defy ICS rom..There are so many beautiful themes in this Launcher. Now i uninstalled Apex Launcher..
Any tips, I have a att HTC one and the stock lock screen keeps coming up over the miui lock screen.
Running att HTC one x the stock lick screen and the MIUI lock screen keeps coming up. Any advise?
Sorry if it's been mentioned or asked before, but are there plans to bring in app badges for messages, gmail, phone (maybe even some others like facebook, g+, etc.)?

PS - Running this over CM9 on my Nexus S is awesome. Lets me completely change the feeling of my phone without having to flash the full MIUI (and you have to admin, stock ICS is pretty sexy now)
How can i change rows and collums? Change files or...? :)
Btw gr8 launcher. Thx

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