MIUI = iOS for Android?


Sep 18, 2011
Hello Everybody

I have just flashed a MIUI rom in my T-Mobile G2X mobile phone.
I have an Apple iOS device too with me.
I can't deny that MIUI obviously provides a pretty face to Android and offers some advanced features.

But unfortunately i am a person who dislikes imitation, i don't like to be someone else.
But MIUI poses a striking resemblance to iOS in look and feel.

Is it coincidence ? or concerted effort to mimic iOS ?
Is there any themes that changes this imitation ?

Only MIUI's launcher has some brilliant themes that looks uniquely beautiful.
But MIUI's launcher lacks lot of features, so i couldn't use it.
The utilisation of custom themes( a major 'selling point' of MIUI) greatly changes the appearance of the UI. Its still android through and through though, in my opinion. The default theme does share some similarities with iOS no doubt, however I do not think its an 'imitation' at all.

Ultimately, if you do not like it, flash a different rom - that is the beauty of android after all!
You can not flash another ROM with ios. It's not imitate.

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