MIUI Music Player Source

May 7, 2011
Is the MusicPlayer by MIUI Open Source? There are some amazing features that I would like to learn from to see how it's done so efficiently. Also, if being actively developed, I would not mind helping out.


Mar 28, 2011
All of MIUI is closed source.

We were lucky enough as it is that they released the source to MIUI Weather; as it was all but an abandoned app to them.
Yes, Miui is closed sourced as the source for the Music Player isn't available but they have open-sourced the FM Radio, and I don't believe Miui Weather has been "abandoned" by Miui but was never officially released outside of China but the source (although I'm not sure if it was the full source) was given to Mark for him to port to countrys outside of China. If Miui Weather (China) is still being developed I have no idea but I believe Miui Weather (The Rest of the World) is down to Mark and his team.