miui music player


Aug 9, 2012
Hi all,
I'm new of MIUI rom and have some questions about the music player. It seems that doesn't find about 70% of songs lyrics and the same for album arts, often are wrong. While musixmatch find all album art and lyrics. So, is it possible to set another lyrics db? Another question is about online music, it shows only chinese symbols that I don't understand. Is it possible to set some other online services? Last question...why if I play songs with another player like musixmatch, I don't be able to view song title on the lock screen as happen with miui music player?

Many thanks,
I tried using the miui music player since i really liked it but after 1 day i started to use doubletwist player since it could transfer my itunes playlist and gave better support in my eyes. So i reccomend that you try double twist and it give you art covers and other stuff.
Yes I tried it but the problem is the same, when the screen is lock I can't see song title.
Well the song title thing im not sure how works since i used double twist for so long and havent seen it there really so it might be something that miui sends to the lock screen and other players havent supported yet :( Would be really nice to have it there.
But since miui player dont support playlist very well and it cant sync to itunes or doubletwist i just left miui player alone.

It support some sort of open playlist format but haven't seen what so i'm not going to use it until those things get into it.

Thats probably the only downside with android is that there is no universal sync tool from Google. I know about 3rd party and use 1 but its not as good as iPhone to Mac. But thats life :)

The only alternative i have for you is doubletwist since miui player just ignores files under a certain size and you can make miui player only look in certain folders if that helps you out.