MIUI Network frequency preset


Nov 30, 2015
Hi there,

i already wrote that post directly into the comments of current MIUI 12 stable, but i think the wohle thread is flooded with questions. Therefore i'll ask the question here again...

My device ist Mi9SE with current MIUI 12. With MIUI 11 i think it was preset, that in network frequencies lte/umts auto (prl) was used as a standard for global stable, instead of lte/td-scdma/wcdma, specialy for battery drain issues. Somewhere i read before, that td-scdma is not present in europe.

But with MIUI 12 the parameters are set back to lte/td-scdma/wcdma. So every time i restart the device, the old settings are set again. I'm writing this, because in my case, there is a change in battery drain, when i do not switch to LTE/UMTS auto (PRL).

Is it just my perception? Maybe it is posible to change the settings again in further builds.

Thanks in advance and stay healthy.