is there a way to change back simcard network setting for Miui 12 just like Miui 11?


Dec 30, 2017
Using the Miui 12 for redmi note 8, but the simcard network setting only have three choices: Prefer LTE, Prefer 3G, 2G only, previous version Miui 11 has setting for 4G only, because wanna to lock the simcard to use 4G only network signal, if choosing Prefer LTE ( Miui 12) and if the 4G signal is weak signal and prefer LTE will change the signal to connect to 3G , which isn't what I want, I would be grateful, if there is a way to change Miui 12 (for redmi note 8 ginkgo) simcard setting just like the previous Miui 11 has a lot of choices of network setting? TQ


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