Mar 20, 2012
Hello, I'm posting this because with a little help from mother luck I might be moving on to a Samsung Galaxy S III and since the Samsung rom has a lot of neat features I was wondering if some of them have been saved on the MIUI rom for it, being that it is based off Samsung's own.
Specially I love pop-up video player, the camera and smart stay.
If someone that is using the rom could give me a changelog I'd be grateful.
Checkout the galaxy s3 forum. There is a galnet version posted there, which includes all Samsung bloatware ;)
I did. But I prefer MIUI Android to Galnet.

And seriously, you answer with bloatware to something like Smart Stay that has been copied at XDA and is being sold on playstore because it is something really useful??
I had a chance to use the Camera software on the SGS II and it is really awesome, of course, since MIUI keeps the same samsung camera software for the SGS II my guess is the'll keep if on the SGS III.

Not all software put in our phones by the manufacturer is bloatware. I recall seeing that the samsung roms have a built in blocker for unwanted SMS and Calls, much like MIUI.
Unlike Samsung's roms, MIUI has a built in firewall and security software, which by the way cannot be accesed because there is no icon for it, even though you see the process loaded, yes I'm talking about jingsang or whatever the name is. And I'm guessing you don't consider MIUI as having bloatware, do you?

The only rom that is bloatware free is Cyanogen, unfortunately it is so simple that in order for it to be really useful is to be bloated by third party software, irony.
i have seen in another thread that 2 Devs have picked up the AT&T and Sprint Versions, any word on a dev getting the Tmobile version?
hi ... someone know the difference between the version of miui released in this forum and the one released in the chinese forum.