MIUI Proposal for this community

Jonas Hendrickx

Feb 28, 2012
I was wondering if we could make a universal ROM ourselves based on the stable branch. But I was wondering how MarkHUK did the very first translation. This is needed for me to know how to start.

I would like to add in as much languages as possible with OTA update support. With approval of MarkHUK I hope to distribute it on these forums. Maybe we can attract more people to this community doing so.

Which devices will be supported?
Depending on time I start with Nexus S. If that goes well I hope to support all official devices currently supported by XAOMI

I hope by this MIUI gets more centered.

I already have APKTool and other tools I need to do my things. So I am close to start if I know how to start off the base MIUI Stable ROM
I was always wondering of an OTA like Language updater. That had simple checkboxes to download the languages, but then again they need to be merged into the APKs. So the OTA would need to trigger the recovery update, it just needs some more planning.
Well in theory it is possible.

I believe that since apktool is based on Java Runtime Environment 1.6 it should be possible. All we need is a custom recovery I think. Or the applications can be decompiled, languages added, recompiled upon boot. Like it updates the dalvik cache files when installing a new ROM.

So if you ask it is possible I think it is. All I don't know is when the Java Runtime Environment API is available. But I do know it should be possible to be done upon boot. Well at least in theory.

I am sure APKTool can work on our phones. That's all we need.


If this is the way Android is booted. I am 100% sure it is much easier than we think