MIUI-Review and Install Instructions

Excelllent job!

I will point new folks to your link, so they have a better understanding of flashing

Sounds like we started the same way. A little over a year ago I was researching and bookmarking everything. I have 13 pages of bookmarks. Something all new folks should do before they start asking too many questions--well maybe not 13 pages lol

Your comment on not installing System items with Titanium between roms is good advice

I wonder if it would be too much to add something on wiping System as well as caches between AOSP and Sense roms. If on Amon, there is a System Wipe zip (I have link) and CW has that feature

I find wiping both, even if not crossing over/back to Sense/AOSP helps prevent a lot of issues. Along with multiple wipes

That may be more than you want to get into--either way it was a fantastic effort--well done :)

Funny how you are enjoying MIUI on your EVO and I am currently running the latest 3.0 Sense Rom on my N1--all about choices

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! I did put some time into writing it, but its to be expected when you're trying to run a website that covers so much. Thanks again!

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