MIUI ROM Questions


Nov 29, 2011
Hey everyone! Tryed using search but couldn't find definitive answers.. So here goes:

  1. How to change the typing language? I installed the english ROM but want to type in russian sometimes. Do I need to download a separate keyboard app? But I like the MIUI keyboard layout. I don't want to install russian MIUI ROM since I want everything to be in english but sometimes type in russian.
  2. How do I transfer my Notes (from stock ROM) to MIUI Notes? I had quite a few so retyping them would be a pain.
  3. For some reason birthdays from contacts stopped showing up in Calendar. It syncs fine as it seems but they are not there. All the entries that I entered manually in calendar show up fine. It's just birthdays from contacts that don't.
  4. Just one general question about ROMs (noob one). How do I go about restoring the original ROM? Do I donwload it separately here from XDA and flash it just like any custom ROM or is there a more "correct" way? Just wanna auto update when ICS comes out.

Thanks in advance and sorry for noob questions! I learn fast though and will help others when I learn more :)