miui v4 status pull down bar theme

I tried everything I know renamed package to com.android.miuisystemui also tried adding a activity .settings.StyleSettings and still nothing. I've been stumped for a while. I believe status bar themes worked fine in 2.3.16 and were broken in 2.3.23 build and haven't been right since (at least for me). Anyone else have any luck?
i found this lines in system ui: is an xml check it out

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<MIUI_Theme_Values> <drawable name="notification_header_text_color">#00000000</drawable> <drawable name="notification_number_text_color">#00000000</drawable>
<!-- Added by Libra, status bar related color -->
<color name="status_bar_background_transparent">#66000000</color> <color name="status_bar_textColor_alternative">#66ffffff</color> <color name="status_bar_battery_level_color">@color/status_bar_textColor_alternative</color> <color name="tab_lable_color_p">#ffff961b</color> <color name="tab_lable_color_n">#00000000</color> </MIUI_Theme_Values>

i try playing with it but nothing change