New MIUI V5 - Samsung Galaxy Note - N7000 - Messaging Issue

Jul 17, 2013
its a known issue for all note 1
it depends from the multilanguages pack, with the original rom (only 3 languages) the issue dont appears.
all note1 users are waiting for a solution fron the MIUI dev.
For the moment you have only a temporary solution:
pull out the mms@apk fron the gerrett84 vengeance rom from XDA
put the apk in our system\app (overwrite)
set the permission rwrr
You will have a correct mms apk but with ONLY ENGLISH LANGUAGE

or try to use this patched mms apk, but i dont know if it is ok with your language:!icUWkYyJ!5kY_Uylwk80VZm5o-sqSi4X3QAI-HH08WLTqH30wVfk
with italian language its ok, but this apk has modded by an italian dev.