MIUI visuals getting too glossy & overloaded :(

Mar 28, 2011
hi guys!

It got to my attention that the visuals got more and more "overloaded" (of course speaking in miui therms ;) ) as the rom development continued. I've always liked your minimalistic approach, and i think that's what MIUI stands for: Clean visuals, improved usability and good battery life.

I think miui is getting too glossy and is wasting precious space for unnescessary graphical elements. good design follows no trends, it's timeless and sticks to basic rules. please don't follow anyone, because they are all wrong!! :D

Stick to your path and your own truth, I think many of us will appreciate this!
cheers :)
/forehead slap

Just theme it to you liking, and stop complaining. This is first and foremost a Chinese ROM for Chinese users. So if you don't like something that they change, then either theme it or stop using it, sheesh.
I simply love the look of MIUI now a days. The new dialer is amazing and the new messenger is great. I just want more standard icons.

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i actually like how the stock miui looks.

simple, functional, fast, and clean. what is their to complain about?