MIUI Wish List

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May 17, 2013
Option for vibration intensity .. really want to lower the vibration for calls and notifications ... vibration just scares me sometimes lol

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Mar 1, 2013
To be honest.. I don't know what else to wish for.

Maybe hdr video recording on non 13mp camera devices.

Less battery drain on 3g maybe too.

Other than that I'm happy with it.

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Apr 7, 2011
Option to run MIUI backups direct into the cloud - preferably to Google Drive, the MIUI cloud would be great too...


Feb 20, 2013
I'm voting for
Quiet hours like cm
3g/2g toggle improvements as well as quicker toggle like cm something like 2g only until screen on then 2g/3g

Its the best rom by far already I might add!


May 5, 2012
compatibility with (or a variation of, workaround for) Xposed framework modules. I can't live without greenify.

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Jul 10, 2013
1. Option to disable lock screen if pattern screen defined
*** done *** tnx!
2. Silent toggle and Camera Button on lockscreen and pattern screen
3. EMAIL - When im open mail message on down bar instead of button Replay to All must be button Forward, bcs we have buton Reply
4. EMAIL - Options to delete messages with left-right drag /with undone for litle time/
5. Diler - When i have favorite contact , when i click over it must immediately call a Default number
6. Diler - Next to the contacts number must be label of number, like HOME, MOBILE , OFFICE and etc. For quickli correct dialing.
7. Separated notifications and ringtone volume
8. Options to stop charging LED
9. After click on status bar's button "Access control" just togle security app status to PROTECT/Unprotect

tnx for great job
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Neka Posta

Feb 20, 2012
There's a similar thread at http://miuiandroid.com/community/th...about-miui-rom-that-you-would-like-fixed.5517.
The best thing about MIUI is that Security Guard which lets me control apps, and worse thing is no direct support/feeedback through bug list (or I don't know where it is).
Good thing about MIUI is that it ships some features not found in other ROMs, but bad thing is that there are some small but important things missing for a long time.
So, my wish or bug list for MIUI 3.7.26. on SGS2 i9100:

1. When I receive an SMS, contact name is not shown. It's only shown when I enter the messages after, and even that sometimes, sometimes not... I have 1000+ contacts, 4000+ numbers and 1500+ SMS in phone now, don't know if that's related. Found here also "sms pop-up on the lockscreen doesn't show contact name"
2. Add option to strip diacritic characters from SMS when sending, like in stock ROM. Found here also "I really, really freaing miss in MIUI - in many languages there arediacritic characters and I'd like to see an option of autoremoving them while writing an SMS."
EDIT: it's here at http://en.miui.com/thread-4734-2-1.html
3. Add snooze alarm option, like in Sense alarm. Found here also "An option to say 'Snooze' or 'Dismiss' on a clock alarm placing the hand over it (using the proximity sensor), like 'Magic Alarm' does".
4. Set SMS and notifications volume *apart* from ringtone volume, like in stock ROM. Found here also.
5. Add 4-way reboot option when long-pressing power button for reboot to recovery or bootloaders, like in custom ROMs such as Omega. Found here also.
6. Please add Auto Lock Screen on/off toggle (now there is Lock Now which is not that important, we get the same with Power button). Add Volumes to Toggles.
7. There are now 11 icons in TOGGLES first screen, plus "More" button. Instead, there should be 5x5 tile, or also 4th row, so that 15 or 19 icons are visible, plus "More".
8. Add M3U playlist and sort by genre support to MIUI Music. I use MixZing now because of this.
9. MIUI Music has lyrics support, which is great. But, I get "Lyrics not found" for most of my songs (I haven't tried all, but I've never had a match). Add an option to change lyrics provider (useful for those outside of China).
10. I wish we had 4 tabs in File Explorer - to add Card to existing Browse, Phone, MiDrive. Under Phone now there are internal storage and SD card, but it's slow to click.
11. Add 5x5 or even more icons on the screen. That's so important to me I use ADW launcher, although I don't mind about app drawer, requests found here.
12. I can find "Encrypt Phone" in Security & Privacy. But, it doesn't seem to offer SD card ENCRYPTION. It should be offered separately from the phone encryption.
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