New [Mix 3] 20.3.5 Touch Lag and Uber Reboot Bug


Feb 21, 2020
Hi team!

I dirty flashed from the 20.2.27 weekly and noticed 2 issues with the 20.3.5 update for the Mi Mix 3.
1) The whole phone doesn't respond for a second after unlocking. You can see the status bar at the top take a second to load, there is initially no time, notifications, battery, etc. I changed all the animation scales to .5 thinking it might help, but it made no difference. Happens probably 90% of unlocks and all taps are unresponsive for this second.
2) I've actually had this issue since the 20.1.27 update, but a minute or two after calling an Uber with the Uber app the phone starts to repeatedly lock & unlock. It does this for a minute or two and then reboots into TWRP recovery. Doesn't happen with any other navigation or ride-share apps. Opening the Uber app after booting back into system works fine and no further reboots occur.
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