New Mm3 bugs


Apr 5, 2019

I believe improvements will be made over time but I'm just throwing these out here in case the devs are interested and need to know or have the time to fix.

9.12.12 on MI max 3 has been perfect for me in almost in every way except for a Bluetooth bug that resets the volume everytime a device is connected. Other than that the performance, battery and stability have all been great. It's definitely smoother than miui pie for the most part except for certain small stutters that happen every once in a while when opening apps and some parts of settings being a bit laggy which weren't seen in pie but that's expected because it's still an early release.

These are the only two real problems I ran into. If they're fixed, there isn't much reason to stay on the older pie versions anymore because everything else is just so stable and better on miui Q. Ty devs for a great rom and looking forward to the weekly releases