[MOD] Miui-AU for Nexus One

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  1. Hi...

    This is a port from the original Miui-AU ROM for the HTC Desire.
    So all Credits go to the Miui-Au Team !!!
    (specialy to s-murphy for making this ROM Version on the Desire & RoDrIgUeZsTyLe for Helping)

    ... u will find older Versions and Changelogs in Post #2 ...

    WHAT is Miui-AU ???
    MIUI is a radical HTC Desire (and N1) Chinese ROM – built from Google source code, it has a similar look to the iPhone (iOS) but its still Android.  As MIUI is NOT based on HTC Sense UI it is quite a different feeling after using a standard HTC Desire, but it does have a lot of similarities to Sense UI.
    The MIUI_Au ROM has been translated to 100% English and is suitable for the HTC Desire only (NOT the N1 or any other HTC phone) . What you get is a dash of awesomeness :)
    To see what MIUI (Me-You-I? or My UI?) is like have a look at the following videos which come direct from the chinese website www.miui.com or read this review on cNet
    Features of MIUI-Au (Check the posts on the Home page for updates to this list):
        * Updated A2SD+ with DalvikCache2SD and Zipalignment on boot
        * Modified boot image:
              o Set security = 0
              o Set allow Mocklocation = 1
              o Set timezone = Automatic (default)
        * Custom memory optimiser
        * Fast GPS fix tweak
        * Big list of locales built into the ROM (no need for moreLocale2 app):
              o Bulgarian
              o Catalan
              o Chinese (Simplified)
              o Chinese (Traditional)
              o Cestina
              o Dansk
              o Deutsch (Deutschland)
              o Deutsch (Liechtenstein)
              o Deutsch (Österreich)
              o Deutsch (Schweiz)
              o English (Australia)
              o English (Canada)
              o English (India)
              o English (Ireland)
              o English (New Zealand)
              o English (Singapore)
              o English (South Africa)
              o English (United Kingdom)
              o English (United States)
              o Español
              o Français (Belgique)
              o Français (Canada)
              o Français (France)
              o Français (Suisse)
              o Hebrew
              o Hindi
              o Hrvatski
              o Indonesian
              o Italiano (Italia)
              o Italiano (Svizzera)
              o Latvian
              o Lithuanian
              o Magyar
              o Nederlands (België)
              o Nederlands (Nederland)
              o Norsk Bokmal
              o Polski
              o Português (Brasil)
              o Português (Portugal)
              o Românä
              o Slovencina
              o Slovenian
              o Suomi
              o Svenska
              o Tagalog
              o Türkçe
              o Vietnamese
              o Ελληνικα
              o + others being added regularly
        * Latest HTC market fingerprint
        * Some custom GUI graphics
        * Fly in animation
        * Gingerbread IME keyboard
        * HTC IME keyboard
        * CM Music app
        * Mega sound pack optional addon – 250+ sounds from different Android phones
        * 5MP wide camera optional addon
        * Based on the latest Android build
        * 25 x Lockscreen wallpapers
        * 40 x Desktop wallpapers
    Worthy of a mention MIUI stock features:
        * FM RADIO works great, just like on Sense-ROMs
        * Wifi N
        * Wifi hotspots
        * Built-in Backup software
        * MIUI Appshare
        * Easily flash and manage themes
        * Very fast file manager
        * Butter smooth GUI
    You need more Informations about the Miui-AU ROM ??? check www.miui-au.com

    If u have Problems with this ROM.. dont post it to miui-au.com
    They dont support this Version !!!

    This Version is based on Miui-AU 1.1.22 R2 [stable] & D1.5 [data2whatever]

    German Support Forum, here

    if u want to push the "Cache" to SD use this Commands :
    - adb root
    - adb shell ("su" in Terminal Emulator)
    - a2sd check
    - a2sd cachesd

    - Wipe, Wipe, Wipe before u flash the ROM – For best stability -


    - 1.1.22 - [stable] -R2 -
    *with A2SD+* - *stock Kernel*

    Miui-AU-1.1.22 R2 – Nexus One (deutsch) (signed) [91.7 MB]
    Link : http://www.multiupload.com/57SFXI4OXA
    MD5 : 983A8507164688E86F054FB5437A7A47

    Miui-AU-1.1.22 R2 – Nexus One (english) (signed) [85.6 MB]
    Link : http://www.multiupload.com/8RW2NUKM57
    MD5 : 9D3FCFF68635BCB6BDE5DC7E6256D5DD

    - 1.1.22 - [data2whatever] - D1 -
    *experimental* - *with stock Kernel**dont use A2SD+ Commands on this ROM*

    Miui-AU-1.1.22 - D2W -D1.5 – Nexus One (deutsch) (unsigned) [89.8 MB]
    Link : http://www.multiupload.com/II33CDBSNL
    MD5 : EB5A2EFBF4D2259A7BDD355A250B86CB

    Miui-AU-1.1.22 - D2W - D1.5r2 – Nexus One (english) (unsigned) [80.6 MB]
    Link : http://www.multiupload.com/00RAKJ848V
    MD5 : A4B29CB4C9B3DCC55B89EE129C4DEAE0

    ** known Issues (both Versions [english]) :
    - some entries are still "chinese" (set language manual to "english" directly after first boot)
    - Update.apk comes with an FC if u try to open it.

    - 1.1.22 - [stable] - E2 - [unsigned]
    *Barebone Version, without Gapps and all the stuff.. but incl. A2SD+ *

    MIUI_Au.1.1.22.E2-N1-DE (deutsch) [72.1 MB]
    Link : http://www.multiupload.com/NCCPFW3SIL
    MD5 : 4CC6C1C49AC563D4001CC6A88417330D

    MIUI_Au.1.1.22.E2-N1-EN (english) [66.0 MB]
    Link : http://www.multiupload.com/WX1VACI3W3
    MD5 : BD787905872487FE108433CEDC346B5B

    - The E-Version is a Barebone Version which is based on the R-Version what means, that it comes without extra modification. No Gapps (Google.Apps), no extra Apps, no Themes, no new Icons, nothing. Just the Miui.Au Rom + A2SD+ Script. For Modder the perfect one. -

    Pershoot´s Kernel OC (up to 1113MHz) /uv/xtra/btn/aud/ram/neon/fm (Optional Works 100% with MIUIMOD)
    Get Daily Updates here : http://droidbasement.com/db-blog/

    Wildmonk´s Kernel OC (up to 1152MHz) /uv/xtra/btn/aud/ram/fm +29FPS@720p Hack (Optional Works 100% with MIUIMOD)
    Last and New Full Tested version (Update from 01.04.11) with very good Performance/Batterylife and Cam Improvements here : http://www.multiupload.com/QO9EK2KK29

    enjoy.... [this ROM is awesome fast]
  2. Version History :

    Changelogs :
    Changelog Miui-AU 1.1.14r2 v1.1
        * Bootscreen Animation changed (now red for Nexus One)
        * Update-script reworked with new install settings for "data/app"
    Changelog Miui-AU 1.1.14r2
    Removed some apps
        * BizCal
        * Text Editor
    Added some apps
        * Juice Defender
        * Juice Plotter
        * Titanium Backup
        * Rom Manager
    Added Dutch language
    Fixed some strings  (mainly in bluetooth and display)
    Fixed A2SD+ issue
    Reworked the Installation script
    Changelog Miui-AU 1.1.14r1
        * Based on MIUI 1.1.14 AU Thanks to s-murphy & RoDrIgUeZsTyLe for Helping
        * New Mail application with exchange synchronisation
        * Fixed a few typos
        * Updated numerous applications
        * Rom installation time reduced to some under-the-hood code changes
        * MIUI Gallery speed tweaks
    Downloads from older Versions
    Miui-AU 1.1.14 R2
    Miui-AU-1.1.14r2 - v1.1 – Nexus One (deutsch)
    Link : http://www.multiupload.com/QP86J8CF19
    MD5 : 4FC611C63FADBE1AC7A5106B8DACACFE
    Miui-AU-1.1.14r2 – v1.1 - Nexus One (english)
    Link : http://www.multiupload.com/LBHR5YI4CX
    MD5 : E618EDEC8DD7E880F2997E73446294C2