More Tasker Issues


Sep 19, 2011
Hi all.

I'm loving MIUI, but with the latest releases (1.9.9+) I had the previously reported bug in Tasker where it was unable to set the silent mode state, so I'm currently on the working 1.9.2 ROM.

Now I've noticed another issue, again spotted via Tasker.

I have a profile set within Tasker to switch bluetooth on when the phone hits an "incoming call" state. This however is not being recognised on MIUI when I get a call coming in. Can someone please look into these issues?
I guess nobody sees this as a big issue, but to me it's vital. I love the look and feel of MIUI, and therefore am really trying my best not to go back to CM7.

So, can someone give me an idea how to decompile the ROM so I can investigate myself please?