Motorola Defy Call/SMS problems

Sep 22, 2013
Hi there, first time on this forum - so be gentle please. I've picked up a moto defy from ebay (perfect for my work). I've followed all the guides and rooted it (one click root) and installed 2ndinit to get cwm. Everything seems to be working OK, untill I try and flash ICS/JB roms. The "smart" part of smartphone is there, but it loses all ability to be used as a phone. No calls, no SMS. If I reboot I can make/receive/send one thing - then nothing untill I reboot.

Has anyone else had this or heard of this problem?

I'm fairly familiar with the basics of custom roms (I've unlocked/rooted/rom'd plenty over the last 3 years - mainly HTC but also ZTE Blade/Crescent) but this is the first time I've had to resort to posting a specific question online.

Things I've tried: baseband switcher
deleting unused apn
wiping cache/dalvik
fixing permissions

Current Phone settings: MIUI 3.9.20
Baseband EPU93_U00.60.03

I'm in the UK and trying to connect to the BTmobile network (piggybacks the vodafone network).

Thanks for any help.