Music Issues


Jan 8, 2011
Hello there!

Ever since the last update (1.3.4) i have been having one big issue with the miui music player. So, I am listening to music happily, then I either pause it (using my headphones) or I receive a call and pick up (again, using the headphones), after pressing play (headphones) to resume the music, the song restarts!! It gets annoying very fast....I didn't use to have this problem before...

Also, although the new fade in/out of music when skipping to the next or pausing is a cool new effect, it is a little bit laggy at times. So it would be very nice if an option to disable it is included.

Lastly, what ever happened to resume playing music when finished talking on the phone?!

I am using a Nexus One running MIUI 1.3.4 and the headphones that I am using are the ones from apple (with the mic), I have been using them forever now so I don't think the problems is from the headphones...oh, and I have ticked the option in the music settings where it says keep track position...

help please?

PS: how can I send feedback directly to MIUI developers so they can work on fixing these problems? do they accept feedback in english?