Music player not finding flac files?

Chef Torte

Feb 24, 2012
Hey guys, I'm running 2.3.30 ICS on a Nexus S and I'm not seeing my .flac songs in the music player. With a file explorer I can see and play them when I have it open as audio but that's not very useful. Am I missing something? I assume I should be able to play the songs now that support was added. I cleared the music players cache and rebooted the phone but still nothing.
Same problem here. Actually, sometimes it does.. very random to me though.
Furthermore, music isn't found from my external SD card..
Solutions would be appreciated.
I've since updated to 2.4.6 and then 2.4.13 and I no longer see any music at all! I did a full wipe on going to 2.4.6 and have also tried various kernels (including the stock) and it doesn't find any music, mp3 or flac.