My phone has problems with finding some wifi networks


Sep 14, 2011
Hey guys, I've tried to search the web but haven't found a solution yet.
I got a Galaxy S, latest MIUI release, stock kernel.
My problem, as stated in the subject, is that my phone can't find every wifi networks available: I got 2 wifi routers at home, a FASTWEB one (that my phone is able to find and connect to without any problem) and another wifi router that I use if there are too many ppl connected on the FASTWEB one. The fact is that while my pc can find the second router without any probs, my phone can't. I've already tried to change the SSID to a single word, tried to take any encryption off, change channels etc.. nothing works. Has anyone got a solution?
Sorry for my "bad" english and thanks in advance for your help!