My Phone is DEAD (MI 10T LITE)


Mar 31, 2022
Hi, my phone started crashing and restarting on it's own a week ago, then it just stopped doing that until today, when it started to do the same thing again till the moment where it just turned of by itself. After that I tried to charge it, to press the power button for more than 1 min, and even tried to put it in recovery mode. Nothing worked and the phone just isn't responding in any way. I looked online and someone says that I should check the battery and try to remove it and put it back in the phone, but idk how to open it, and even if I find out how to do it I'm not sure if by opening it and check the battery I lose my warranty rights, do I?

can someone help me with this, and hopefly answer some of my questions?

Thanks in advance for the help :)
If you still have warranty, you should take it to the shop you bought it from. Disassembly will cause you to lose warranty.
I bought the phone in Italy, I have Italian warranty, idk if it could work in the uk. Also I had my screen changed 2 months ago by a store in my town, could that affect the warranty? At the store they didn't mentioned nothing about it affecting it though.
I think that the problem in motherboard. If the battery is problem you will even have a small light, when you charging battery. In this case, something on motherboard is die.