Nandroid backup fails with default kernel


Aug 27, 2011
Hi all, I apologize if this is a known issue, nandroid backup fails on generating md5 sum, I googled it without success, help arrived through another forum saying I must a different kernel for it to work, and that miui us versions always had this issue.

His solution worked, dfferent kernel and nandroid backup works !

I think this is important.

please get the nandroid backup working for the Galaxy S i dont know about other devices
but its never been able to pass MD5 checksum in all past versions including this 1.8.26
the kernel is already updated to work with Gingerbread boot loaders so why not fix this MD5 error i think backup is MEGA IMPORTANT
u can solve this by flashing a different kernel but i want to use stock
i wish the stock kernel of miui would work when doing a nandroid its very important