Safenet Fix for Stable Releases - Options, pros and cons - Genuine question


Nov 22, 2023

Hello everyone from the forum.​

Firstly, I'd like to commend the developers of this Custom ROM, which I've been using for a couple of months since I got my first Xiaomi Phone (Mi 11 Ultra). It has brought me joy thus far.

Recently, we received "news" that Google is targeting our solution for their commercial, unjustifiable reasons, leading to the restriction on the usage of capabilities my device already has. This resulted in the discontinuation of support for the "fix" that was typically embedded in stable ROM versions. Now, it will only be included in weekly update releases, which, unfortunately, are no longer available for my version and model since the transition to HyperOS.

It's a fact that Google Wallet no longer works on ROMs with the old fix. However, upon checking Safenet, it successfully passes even the robust Safenet, which Magisk Safenet Fix fails to do.

So, here are my questions:
  • Besides Google Wallet, I haven't observed any issues in other apps, except for those I know and have workarounds for (such as a specific banking app that only works on the second space due to anomaly detection on the first space). I haven't updated my ROM to the latest release to avoid losing my "hanging on a thread" Safenet passing. Is it worse to root my phone and go through a cumbersome process to hide the root just for Google Wallet? Wouldn't it be better to give up on the Google Wallet and retain the benefits this fix provides? Or am I already in a precarious situation, and apps will soon stop working (and I don't know)?
  • Despite knowing that the wallet may fail in the future, is there a chance to have this fix available for those of us who are less interested in Google Wallet and more interested in a robust Safenet fix? From my understanding, the embedded fix may conflict with the Magisk solution, making things worse (that's why it got removed). However, many apps can detect Magisk, and it's challenging or impossible to hide from some apps. Considering the safety concerns of rooting a phone without adequate knowledge, is the tradeoff worth it? I have refrained from updating my ROM due to the unavailability of the weekly release for my model and I am interested on the old fix that looks better to me on my perspective.
I would appreciate your insights, and thank you for everything. I hope for better news in the future, where we can have our fully capable phones again, enjoying the most wonderful ROM without unnecessary bloat and ads. (Love it).
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I am more of an amateur- intermediate when it comes to rooting and POS but: I asked me the same Question should I root for integrity or not. I rooted my Mix 4 today and I am passing Basic Integrity, Device Integrity but not strong Integrity. All with this tutorial:

He goes into the risk of not passing safety checks etc. My Google Pay Works fine now
Hope this helps.
I already upgraded to HyperOS weekly builds, which is supposed to have the fix baked in. It's broken now (Google messing things up really), so I'm compelled to think how to use Google Wallet too.

The Google Wallet thing feels like a constant cat and mouse situation, and I imagine the magisk fix to be more robust that we give it credit for. Reddit's r/magisk, xdaforums, and other telegram groups are much more active because it's for all other custom ROMs as well.

I personally avoid rooting my phone because I don't want the same cat and mouse chase on my other banking apps. I keep a card and some cash in my phone case, plus Google wallet setup on my un-modded WearOS watch, so I wouldn't find myself unable to pay at a payment counter. I will continue to use weekly OS builds, so if Google Wallet is fixed, then it's a bonus and not something I would miss.

If you do rely on Google Wallet, I don't think rooting and installing the magisk patches are necessarily bad. With your phone rooted, you can have wide range of backup options too, so the data loss risk is minimal too.