Need a little help regarding the 11T Pro


Mar 9, 2023
Hi there,

Recently, I moved from the MIUI14 Mi Pilot version ( I can't recall which version exactly) to MIUI EU ROM. I always wanted to do this, so I made the step.

I followed the procedure like described here, used TWRP 3.7.0_12-7.2_A12-vili-skk and MIUI version xiaomi.eu_multi_XM11TPro_V14.0.1.0.TKDMIXM_v14-13.

So I made this happen with the TWRP method, and booted into the fresh MIUI.
This was working very well, logged in, put the backup in place and it started to download my apps again. However, I noticed Instagram was not installing, and after looking this up, it stated it wasn't available for this device. Also an .apk file wasn't able to install.

Is there a reason for this? Is it a bug, or a thing carried out by the Chinese baseline of this ROM?

After that, I tried to go back to Global. So I've put the phone into fastboot, started Mi Flash and started installing. It was an errorfest, eventually the phone was in a constant fastboot cycle. So I grabbed the EU ROM folder, started the fastboot first install BAT file, and in the end, I'm back on the EU ROM again.

Is there a better way to go back to the original Global ROMS, or is Mi Flash the only way?


Just to clarify, when you say "put the backup in place", do you mean that you restored a backup from your previous ROM ?