I really need some help.


Nov 11, 2023
I'm pretty sure someone else has asked this before, but since I'm showered with anxiety I need some help directly.
My phone (Redmi Note 7) has been stuck in a bootloop saying "The system has been destroyed". I tried to flash it but the bootloader is locked. Is there any way I can open it with my laptop? The Xiaomi unlock tool has been of no help, it keeps saying "can't open in locked state". Xiaomi asked me for the IMEI to repair the phone, and I don't have it.
You're my last hope!!! Any help is welcome!!
Thank you.
You can contact some guys in Telegram. They fix the device in EDL mode online, if you have a laptop or PC and USB cable to connect it. Search in Telegram, the cost of fixing can be 20 or 30 euro