Need help to include language support in MIUI rom.


Aug 23, 2011
Well guys, I searched all over the internet googled, Xdafied, MIUIed but no luck. Actually till now android is not supporting Indic languages even it already running 2.3.5. Even after adding own font by replacing DroidSansFallback the complex script rendering of Indic languages are not working at all.

I tried to reach android mastermind's at Google but they were not responsive and even they cannot confirm about including Indic languages in upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich.

So I tried to do it with the low level knowledge about coding capabilities of mine to do something about it. But it's like to having a fallen sky on my head

Recently I am in love with the MIUI ROM and having the latest version of it and was thinking if it will be possible to include Indic languages in MIUI ROM with proper complex script rendering

It's not I am wanting to translating the MIUI in an Indic language. There are a lot of How to's there to do that. Hope you got the idea guys.

Hope you people can help me. Please...

Thanks in advance.

**This is a screenshot after changing DroidSansFallbac.ttf with one Unicode Bengali font(one of the indic language font). Here, the complex script rendering is not OK.

**This is a another screenshot using opera mini where opera mini render complex scripts through their server rendering as bitmap images. Here, the complex script rendering is OK.

Please Help Us. A huge amount of android users(Indic Language natives) are facing this problem and going with it helplessly.

(Hope this is in right section and I am not breaking any posting rules.)