Nov 22, 2010

So iv been learning JQuery for the past week and as a way of learning the language i started a little project. A almost purely JQuery based theme site/gallery

Obviosusly i havent fully completed this site as of yet and is not on the public domain, but my question is this...

Does anyone have any interest in the site, usage wise. If not i will halt development but if theres a space for it i can complete it and have it up for use within a month or so :)

The site itself has these features..

- All themes dynamically loaded on to the page (No reloading for a new theme)
- Great fancy transitions, fades etc
- Easy to use navigation through themes
- 3 Image previews of the theme
- Free Downloads!

What i will implement if i take this further...

- Membership ? possibly depending on demand
- MAC OS like dock bar to quickly jump through themes
- Support for any amount of previews ? depending on bandwidth/storage space
- Any ideas from others!!

Looking forward to the feedback
definitely interested but will go into direct competition with, and i think mark was going to add a themes section here... maybe speak with him about integration somewhere, it sounds pretty good though from what you describe!
Yeh i see how it would be in direct competition with and

my site only needs to load once, unless of course i integrate members into the site

Will have to see how much more demand there is.
competition is good. good for the consumer, keeps site owners and developers honest as well.

go for it.
by the looks of things i wont be gettin much feedback from the forum. The best way for me to know if this is worth it is by doing it. Hopefully i will complete it for beta within a few weeks :)