New New Problem with restart


Jun 30, 2023
Good evening, about 3 weeks ago I broke the screen of my Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, it was functional in all respects except for a distorted pressure of the screen every now and then due to the breakage, in fact I managed to make a backup even if with some difficulties . At a certain point, however, after the backups for a few days, I went to check again but it had downloaded completely, loaded enough, however, when restarted, instead of restarting normally given the simple press of the power button, it returned to TWRP, trying to restart again the phone went back to TWRP without booting normally. Thinking it was due to pressure problems for breaking the screen, I had it repaired, but now with the screen fixed the problem persists, only now it has the same problem but with fastboot. I also tried to update to the latest Xiaomi EU version available for my phone thinking it could be a problem with the version my phone was left with, since it is a Hybrid version, but nothing continues, what can I do, I desperately ask you for help , as I have confirmation that it is not a hardware problem. For security, I leave you the code of the current version of Xiaomi EU Weekly= V14.