New Stable Rom For Mi Note Pro V7.2.4.0.lxhcnda

Mar 16, 2014
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"...Big change in installation process of our ROMs (Must read it, otherwise you will cry on forum here and we will dont care):
- Xiaomi forced us to generate own keys for signing ROMs if we want continue to use their OTA service (again calling it "security improvement"). That means, our ROMs will not be possible to install via MiRecovery anymore (even on old devices like Mi2 or Redmi 1S) but only via TWRP/CWM...
- Our ROMs now contains TWRP which will install it automatically and overwrite your MiRecovery (If you still use it)
- For manual TWRP installation, we made a flashable ZIPs here so just install it via Updater up like any other update zip... (if it will fail, just unzip it and flash via Flashify app)
- Version 6.2.25 still can be installed via MiRecovery but it will overwrite it to TWRP
- Next versions will require TWRP for all devices..."
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Mar 16, 2014
OK. Try to download one older multi developer ROM. Like this:
And change this name to, put to rootfolder of your phone, after try to install this older ROM across MiRecovery. First Wipe cache, next Wipe user data, and last Install
If success old ROM will contains own root in Security app / Permissions menu / Root access submenu.
A you can install Flashify from Play. You will can give root acces to Flashify.
And you will can install new TWRP with Flashify.

Apr 13, 2016

I got the device a while back, trying to Install your ROM, its bootloader unlocked, I checked.

What us the actual steps to be followed, here i see there is a change in procedure recently.

So what are the actual step for a New ROM Installation from very starting to end ?