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No 6.11.17 Or 6.11.24 Rom For Mix?

Discussion in 'Xiaomi MiMix' started by Kawaii, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Kawaii

    Kawaii Members

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    Hey Guys, i'm the only one who cant find the actually ROM (6.11.17 or 6.11.24) for Mix?

    Only found 6.11.10 MIX Rom.
    Not every new ROM Version has update for every Xiaomi Smartphones?

    I'm new here in the Xiaomi Community, never did root or anything esle like that with my smartphone.

    Sorry for my bad english T_T
  2. tweetypeety

    tweetypeety Members

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    No, usually they got an update every week, but Xioami.eu is working on an improvement which takes a while.

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