No autofocus on video mode


Nov 8, 2010
I ve found that autofocus is not enabled in video mode on Miui 0.11.12
Someone else had encountered this bug?
No, even in video.

Are you sure? On xda this bug is known but only in 1 modded rev of miui camera in videomode had autofocus
My camera with desire and 11.19 don t have autofocus in videomode and camera app is no so good as camera in sense rom
same in 11.26. i use J style. camera does auto focus but does not click proper pictures as the focus does not lock. barcode reader does not work.
Another release of miui ... and the camera is same as before ---- no af in video mode and poor camera app
Why don't fix this issue in miui?
Not the main thing they're focusing on right now. Remember this is still early beta/alpha!
I've request it on the begin of miui development about this but without positive responses
So many others surplus features where implemented .Camera is an important feature in last generation smartphone....