No Data Sim 1

May 31, 2012
So I've been using my r3 for a couple of days, all good.
Today I put a second sim in slot 2 just to see what the coverage was like on the other sim, selected that as data sim.

Later when I'd removed the sim and restarted phone, sim 1 no longer connects to data

I've tried removing all sims, booting then putting sim back and still no data with sim slot 1.if I put same sim in slot 2 I get data just fine.

Wouldn't really mind except I need to use sd card.

I'm hoping tomorrow (later Saturday) I can put the other sim in slot 2 and then whilst both are in, selecting slot 1 as data sim.

Otherwise I'm stuck!

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May 31, 2012
I fixed it,
As hoped, put the other sim back in and then the option to pick default sim works, for voice and data.
I picked sim 1 for both.
For good measure I also turned off sim 2 then removed it and replaced sd card.
Data on sim 1 back on now.

I read somewhere about someone with an honor phone that has same sim setup as r3 and he fused a sim and sd together to fit in the phone to get dual sim and sd.
Looked quite tricky to do tho.

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