Resolved No screenshot folder in Gallery app

Xiaomi 12 - ROM 23.3.7.DEV no problem


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i had this problem on my xiaomi 12 now i have it on xiaomi 13 pro too
there is no scrrenshot folder, it does not appear when i take a new screenshot.
my screenshot folder Path is. internal storage/pictures/screenshots.
When i install this xiaomi gallery it appears, but i wanted to use the modded one from too
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when you click the google photo element, an error pops up, poco f3, should I send a log? Or is this a known bug?
google photo installed, authorized
Hello! I have had this problem for quite some time. Now I have it on HyperOS ! Shortly after the installation of HyperOS it was fixed but after restarting the device the screenshots folder disappeared. Please anyone who has a solution to share!