No USB Tethering on Ubuntu


Dec 23, 2010
Anyone else having problems using native USB Tethering on Desire (GSM)?

I have Vodafone UK Desire and MIUI 0.12.18 (Stock Kernel) and Ubuntu 8.04 and the PC will not connect at all. Dead.

Any setting I'm Missing? Im not extremly well versed in using Ubuntu, so the chances are I've fluffed up somewhere along the lines :confused:


I am using the Desire CDMA and Arch linux and it's been working fine for me.

Have you tethered it before? Basically all I need to do is:
ifconfig usb0 up
dhcpcd (ubuntu uses dhcpd) usb0

Assuming, of course, you enabled tethering in "Menu > System > Tethering & Portable Hotspot > USB tethering".
I have before on the stock firmware and it just plugged in and worked straight away. I assume I type this as 'sudo' in the Ubuntu terminal?


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