Noob Questions, SGS1 & MIUI.


Feb 22, 2012
Before everything.. sorry about my poor English and thanks in advance for the help!
I just bought SGS1 (android version 2.3.3) and i want to install miui. few question:
  1. I need Hebrew keyboard in additional to the English one. should i install the Hebrew miui version or stick yours?
  2. My ROM is stock. "Pelephone" (Israeli operator) version. i need to upgrade the rom version (2.3.3 as i say) or just install the miui?
  3. When the next version of miui would be out? should i wait for it?
  4. I'm really newbie as you can see - so i need to "ROOT" the sgs and the install the miui? how?

hello man. no worries everybody is a noob in the beginning .

my advice : you just bought the phone ... stick with the stock gingerbread ... meanwhile try to read some formus in your language about miui or android development ( in the best case try XDA developers

Try to learn as much as you can and at that point change to miui if you want. but before you do that you need to learn so basics as is not that easy as installing an app. and if you don't know what you are doing you might end up using a Samsung galaxy brick

I myself purchased my Defy in June 2011 , rooted it after 6 months , after i changed my stock android version then after a while went to miui.(and like other say , once you go to Miui you never look back )

So give the gingerbread a chance for a while and in the mean time read tutorials ...

P.s. IbotPeaches put a tutorial in this forum