Note 5 Pro Poor Performance

Feb 10, 2015
I just installed the Xiaomi.Eu on my Note 5 Pro but I got really poor performance. All the system is slow and full of lag. Any similar experience?

Thank you
Aug 9, 2016
I unlocked my bootloader this morning and flashed the 26/4 build on my Chinese variant. As stated above, the lag is terrible. I press something and I have to wait seconds for it to respond. It's not usable. There's also more Chinese material (eg. in the browser) than I've experienced in builds for other devices. I'm going to try Resurrection Remix and LineageOS now. Hopefully they're fine, otherwise I'll have to switch to the global ROM!
May 21, 2018
Tried the global stable as recommended by users, however, it's still in terrible shape. Using the phone was a terrible experience given the great number of stuttering and general lag. I lasted about 10 minutes before reverting to Chinese ROM.

Thanks for the work so far devs, but more is needed before this is a good experience :)