New Notification Issues

Jun 12, 2017
Dear All,

I am facing Issues on my MI6 running global rom, actually 8.6 / 7.6.10, but same issuis with former roms - no matter if I tried stable or weekly. No problems at all on my MiPad2 and Redmi 3 Pro International using actual stable roms.

I did all tricks (memory optimization off, battery management off, autostart, fix in recent apps) so Whattsapp, Facebook etc. is working fine.

Two apps still have problems:

For work I use Amazon Seller App. I can manage customer questions quite easily. With my MiPad and Redmi I receive push notifications as usual. But on my new MI6 it won't work. When I enter the notification preferences tab in the app itself it says "Alerts disabled / Auf Ihrem Android-Gerät stehen derzeit keine Warnmeldungen zur Verfügung"

In Private I use N-Joy App (German radio broadcast), login is not possible, too, saying that push notifications are not possible.

Both apps "think", that push notifications are disabled. But as mentioned above, all other "big apps" do not have these problems. Any suggestions?

Kind regards