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  1. Hi fellow users, i have a question, i've been checking the forum and googleling around for the past hour trying to find a solution before posting here and i apologize if i'm reposting the same question again, everytime i unlock my galaxy s2 it pops this message window before i can actually see the home screen of my phone, is there a way to disable this? any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Unlock by dragging wheel down... Not to right side...
  3. Thanks for the quick answer, unlocking is not the problem, i drag wheel and enter my pin to unlock phone and it works fine, the thing is right after i unlock i have abig white window with an overview of my messages, it's not really big deal, i just have to touch the return button and then is gone, but being a custom rom you should be able to control if you want to see this window or not.
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    Then, you are not unlocking right way...

    Its not normal behavior after unlock...
  5. Like i said before, unlocking is not the problem, i would just like to change settings so when i unlock my phone i don't have that window that i have to close before i can access my home screen, would it help if i post a screenshot of that windowso you know what i'm taking about?
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    yes please...
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    Ok so whats your steps?

    You are on home screen (so with wallpaper and clock), then you lock device and unlock by pulling down orb and you see MMS app interior?
    Like: Desktop > Lock > Unlock > MMS app?

    Or you are wihin MMS app and then lock device, and after unlocking you get MMS app?
    Like: MMS > Lock > Unlock > MMS?

    In second case its normal. In first case its not normal.
  8. Gentlemen, this is most embarrasing, i reckon this window that i have to close after pulling orb down and entering my pin to unlock screen is a built in accion on the default Miui theme, i just installed another theme and after unlocking my phone this window is not there anymore o_O, for someone who works with Linux for over 10 years and is not new to Android and custom roms I have to say this is one of those very embarrasing moments when i would like to hide somewhere and never get out again, please forgive my big stupidity, thanks again for taking your time to read my 'problem'