[Official Global MIUI 13.0.8 Stable] Huge battery drain


Dec 17, 2022
Hi everyone,

I have updated from MIUI 12.5 Global Stable to MIUI 13.0.8 Stable about one/two months ago but I have noticed huge battery drains.
Starting from 100% at midnight, it lost 14% in 10 hours with Wifi disabled. I do not think it is normal as it is the Google Play Services which drains the most.
The screen usage is also present but the phone is not even being used overnight.

Did any of you ever experienced such issue?


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Hello, i have the same problem now (March 2023 !) with my Redmi Note 10 Pro, i have MIUI 13.0.16, i saw that "Google Play Services" can drain about 25-28% for hours, and the phone is a little hot.
I tried updating to the latest MIUI package with "download last upgrade package (13.0.16 too), it worked for 2 days with only 3-7% usage for Google Play Services, and then the problem came back. I specify that I disabled the automatic updates to check.
I don't know why these services eat so much battery.
Did you solve this problem ?
Thank you.


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