battery drain

  1. F

    Invalid Battery Drain

    With the latest rom on POCO F3, battery been quite bad.. getting around 4-5 hour sot light use, instead of 6-7 hours before.
  2. B

    Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro NFC and Battery Drain Miui 13.0.10 stable

    Greetings Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Users. Recently switched from Miui 13 China Rom to Miui 13.0.10 Stable 1 Problem - NFC doesn't work it don't make payments or even connect with other equipments. 2 Problem - Battery discharge without using the phone or even when you use daily with apps...
  3. M

    MIUI 13 terrible battery drain

    I have a MI 11 (venus) and since I have updated to stable MIUI 13 the SOT went from 5/6 hours to barely 4 hours, anything I can do to solve it?
  4. R

    Invalid Xiaomi 11T Pro battery issues

    Hi guys, i have my 11T Pro now for around 10 days. For the most part im enjoying it. The only thing i noticed and is very annoying is that my battery drains very fast at the end of batterylife. For example the last 30% lasts only around 10 minutes maybe and the last 20% lasts 5 minutes. All...
  5. J

    New Battery in Stand by mode MIUI12.5.1 HMNote8

    The battery is draining in stand by without apps working in first plane also without sensors to wake on tap and notifications turn on screen; in 8 hours the drains has been around 22%
  6. Regensburga

    dnsmasq huge battery usage

    Since I've updated my Mi 10 Pro to MIUI 12.5.2 the Dnsmasq Service Sometimes uses a huge amount of battery. I don't know what exactly causes this, because it only happens sometimes when I'm connected to my WiFi, not every time. Also the Battery info shows 40+ C° and the device gets really hot...
  7. Lockjaw

    250hrs on Global Ultra Battery Saver down to 50hrs on EU rom

    Hello, I own a Poco F3 Global MIUI 12 recently switched over to eu12.5.6 Stable. I turn on Ultra Battery Saver daily and noticed that global rom gave me ~250hrs and EU rom gives me < 50hrs on the same 40—60% battery. These are a day apart so battery degradation isn't a factor. Does Ultra...
  8. M

    Battery drain on Mi 11 with rom question

    How is the battery drain on Mi 11 with MIUI 12 stable? With the Global version of MIUI 12.5 I only get an average of 5/5:30 hours of screen time which is pretty crap, so I was wondering if it was worth it changing to
  9. M

    New to custom roms question

    Hi, I've been thinking about changing from the global miui to lately because a lot of people recommend it. I have a Mi 11 which is a great phone but its battery life isn't so much great, so does the mi 11 battery last longer with I've seen some other post where it seems that...
  10. S

    Mi 10 Pro, Battery Drain (wakelock *alarm* under Android System)

    For a couple of months now i notice a bigger that it should be, battery drain. I didn't bother at start because i though it's because i update every week to latest rom, and AI re-learns. But i tried to not update for about 2 weeks with same results. So i updated again. Install Gsam Battery...
  11. Zeedorf

    Invalid [21.03.11] Xiaomi MI 11 - Battery absorption

    Good morning guys, I wanted to point out that after the update to 21.3.11 for my Xiaomi Mi 11, it has a rather strange behavior! When the phone is not used, for example at night, that process has exponential battery drain, much more than using the phone! In summary: the phone consumes four...
  12. mofeedooz battery drain

    Massive battery drain on my poco f1 ! I've tested it for a week now but still the same
  13. J

    New Extreme Battery Drain Mi9t since MIUI 12.

    Hello, i use the Xiaomi mi9T and updated it with miui 12. ( I used the updated for like 8 days. after the update i have a terrible battery drain. Android system consumes about 30 % of the battery. Does somebody know the solution??? Kind regards, JJ
  14. psydex

    [Battery drain issue] Device always awake

    Hello everyone! Ever since I updated to MIUI12 - my battery is draining like hell! I'm getting 3-4h of SoT at most, where 6-7h before this issue occured! After further inspection I noticed device is always being awake even at night when wifi/data is turned OFF. (see screenshot). This issue is...
  15. K

    Should I flash Xiaomi EU ROM instead of the Global stock ROM? Mi9T

    Hi, I wanted to ask you should I flash Xiaomi EU ROM instead of the Global stock ROM? And if yes, which version is stable now for this model Mi9T, because I was reading a lot of comments, some said yes, no problem, but some other said that there are a lot of problems or bugs. Now I'm with the...
  16. D

    Fix Deep Sleep in Standby Mode. Battery Drain Solution

    Have anyone tried this solution? Is that legit or will it change my phone into toster? The file is here.
  17. C

    Underclock CPU to save battery? [Snapdragon 660, MIUI 10]

    Does any have experience with editing the available CPU frequencies? I want to go to a lower frequency than 1113 GHz. So, the opposite of overclocking. From what I understand, it requires either editing the kernel or getting an entirely different one - which I am not capable of doing myself. As...
  18. L

    Invalid system launcher consuming much battery in gestures in full screen

    Hello, developers and members, I am now using the 8.12.6 v2 weekly version on my Redmi 5 Plus (Vince). however, when I use gestures in full screen, the system launcher consumes a lot of battery power, the percentage increases with each use time, reaching 30% of use, which I do not have this...
  19. O

    From 8 hours of screen time to 4

    I have Mi A1 with Android 8.1 and the latest security update. I used to get 7-8 hours of screen time but now I get around 4. Does anyone else has this problem and is there a way to fix it?
  20. B

    High battery usage and slow phone

    Hi, I'm using weakly rom long time ago. In the last 3-4 months my phone going slow heats up, and my battery drains quick even if I wipe it and flash the latest ROM. I already buy a new battery but it didn't solve the problem. Battery time bit better but not too much. It is because...