Official MiUi VS MiUiAndroid?

Mar 23, 2013
Hi folks of MiUiAndroid, I've just ordered myself a XiaoMi Mi2 today and the first thing that concerns me was English language support.

Long story short, based on my understanding from my Google search, the original Mi2 MiUi supported English language by default but there are two other unofficial English based MiUi which are MiUiAndroid and, I think MiUiAndroid is better, thus the reason I'm here instead of

So, my question was what makes MiUiAndroid better than the official MiUi if I'm owning the original Mi2 instead of other Android smartphone?

Was it just a better translation and the inclusion of GApps (Which I think is not included in the newer release anymore) or there are even more benefits?

Moreover, MiUiAndroid does not seemed to worked well together with the official MiUi so is it really worth to install this version instead of the official MiUi?

I would really appreciate if you could explain it in details as I'm totally clueless about MiUi.

I'm sorry if it has been answered before but I've failed to get the answers even after searching for so long, the topics that I always come across with was MiUiAndroid vs

Thanks in advance.